Cycling in Finland

Fillariopas guides

The Fillariopas guidebooks present routes and cycling tours suitable for cycling eastbound and westbound of Helsinki

The guides include route descriptions with places of interest as well as accommodation and travel tips. The routes in the guides have been chosen so that their surrounding areas have interesting nature and cultural destinations, unusual and new rural and urban places to visit as well as accommodation in the countryside. The guides also contain maps of towns and cities, and the map of each guide is published on a scale that is easy to read. The map also details key information that makes planning and travelling easier.  The Fillariopas guidebooks are available at bookshops, various tourist information offices and other retail outlets. Follow these links to order your guide now:

Fillariopas – routes east of Helsinki 2012

Covers the Eastern King's Road, Southern Karelia and Saimaa Lake, routes around the region of Kouvola as well as the route from Helsinki to the Päijänne Tavastia region and tours within that region.

Fillariopas – routes west of Helsinki 2012

Covers the Western King's Road, the route from Helsinki to Tampere via Hämeenlinna as well as several tours with a duration of 2–4 days from Helsinki to the surrounding countryside.