Cycling in Finland

Bicycle transport

On long-distance trains

Bicycles can be transported on all InterCity trains, on day and night fast train services that transport luggage and on some local trains. Bicycles can be transported on express and local trains as indicated on timetables (with a luggage symbol). InterCity services display a bicycle symbol on timetables.

InterCity and InterCity2 trains take a limited number of bicycles. A mandatory reservation for a bicycle can be made at VR Telephone Service or at station ticket sales prior to travel. The customer must bring the bicycle into a dedicated bicycle area in a double-decker car on InterCity trains, where it can be locked with a 50-cent coin. The coin will be returned to you when you detach the bicycle from the bicycle stand at the end of the journey.

On express and commuter trains, the customer must bring the bicycle to the train crew car like other large items of luggage and retrieve it at the destination. The customer is responsible for transferring the bicycle onto a connecting train service. Groups must make a group reservation for bicycles in advance.

Bicycle transport fees on long-distance service
InterCity and InterCity2 trains:
Bicycle / passenger (Advance reservation for a bicycle must be made at VR ticket station sales or, from 14 September on, online) 9 euros
On express and commuter trains that accept luggage:
Advance purchase at station 9 euros
On the train, payable to the conductor, 10 euros
Tandem bicycle:
Advance purchase at station 18 euros
On the train, payable to the conductor, 20 euros

Bicycle + trailer:
Advance purchase at station 18 euros
On the train, payable to conductor, 20 euros

More information at VR's website

Local traffic in Helsinki region

Transporting bicycles in local traffic in the Helsinki region

Bicycles can be transported free of charge on local trains within the Helsinki Region Transport area.
Bicycle fee in the local train area is 4.20 euros.

Transport fee is payable to the train conductor.
Journeys to Kirkkonummi and Kerava are free when travelling on a Helsinki Region Transport ticket.
Bicycles are not allowed during peak times Monday–Friday 7am–9am and 3pm–6pm.
Kickbikes are considered bicycles.

Bicycles are not allowed on buses or trams.

Bicycles can be transported in all cars on the metro if there is space available. Riding a bicycle at metro stations is not allowed, and bicycles should be transported using lifts.

On coaches

Bicycles are accepted on coaches if there is space available in the luggage compartment. It is recommended to advise the coach company in advance no later than the working day before departure. Contact details for coach companies are available in Matkahuolto's timetable search under the relevant service. The fee for a bicycle varies between 3 and 10 euros. The fee is set by the coach company. Express coaches are practical and fast and at times even a better option than the train.

On ships

Bicycle transport is possible on passenger ships. Prices vary between 5 and 25 euros.

On planes

Most airplanes accept bicycles. Advance bicycle reservation is always mandatory.

The bicycle must be packed for transport so that the handlebar is turned lengthways with the bicycle, the pedals have been removed and tyre pressures have been reduced to the minimum. All sharp edges on the bicycle must be protected using thick plastic or cardboard. There are also transport bags available for bicycles that cost from a couple of hundred up to almost a thousand euros. Bicycle shops can also supply packing materials for bicycles. Shops are usually happy to provide them, since this saves them the trouble of getting rid of the packaging.

Bicycle fees on holiday flights operated by Finnair are 60 euros per flight on flights under eight hours and 100 euros per flight on flights over 8 hours when paid online through There is an excess charge of five euros when paid at the airport. Fees on Finnair's other scheduled services vary from 50 euros on short-haul flights to 100 euros on intercontinental flights. Norwegian charges 37 euros for a bicycle, and Air Berlin might not charge anything. The fee is usually paid at the airport, and it may unexpectedly be exempted or go up.

On ferries or cable ferries

In archipelago traffic nationwide, the maintenance of road and connecting ferry services has mostly been allocated to the Southwest Finland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. The Centre is responsible for 41 ferry harbours, most of which are situated in the Archipelago of Turku and the lake district of Eastern Finland. In addition, the Centre manages traffic connections on 12 connecting ferry routes.

There is no charge for bicycles on archipelago ferries. It is recommended that even individual cyclists make an advance ferry reservation around midsummer. Cyclist groups should always make advance ferry reservations.

Åland Islands bicycle ferry

The bicycle ferry m/s Silvana operates in the Åland Islands. The idea of the bicycle ferry is that you can cycle to the tip of any headland and continue your journey on the ferry.  This way you do not need to turn back and trace back your own track. There is a fee for the ferry ride (10 euros/adult, 5 euros/child, 5 euros/bicycle/trailer), and it operates on a schedule between June and August. More information from Visit Åland Tourist Information tel. 018 - 24000.
Car ferry services in the Åland Islands are operated by some ten ferries between the main island, the island municipalities and mainland Finland. The ferries operate according to separate timetables. Some sections provide a cable ferry service on request 24 hours a day.

More information and reservations from Ålandstrafiken tel. 018 – 25155