Vinkit pyöräilyyn auttavat valmistautumaan

Travel tips

This site has useful tips for your trip and how to plan it. Careful planning guarantees an enjoyable and relaxed trip. It is advised always to book your overnight accommodation in advance. Countryside accommodation is very busy in the summer, particularly during weekends. You can set off on your journey outside the high season, in May or June or after schools have started. This way you can find accommodation much more easily and the journey will be more pleasant after the hottest summer has passed. It is also worth remembering that you can easily combine a train or bus journey to the start or end of your trip. Keep this in mind when browsing our maps and routes. For example, if you want to venture on a family trip from Helsinki to Kotka, Hämeenlinna or Hanko, a return by bus is an excellent option for the whole family.