Reitit ovat monipuolisia

Choose the best route for you

The routes have been divided into Euro-Velo routes, national routes and regional routes.
The Eurovelo routes are part of the European cycle route network (, and they pass through the whole of Europe. Covering thousands of kilometres, the routes have been designed for all cycling tourists, and you can naturally split routes into shorter sections.

The national cycling routes, together with the Eurovelo routes, constitute the most important Finnish cycling route network. The routes are designed to avoid busy roads where possible and to run along public roads as well as in municipal street and cycling networks. Designated cycling routes make up approximately 15 percent of all routes. Suitable for both long and short cycling journeys, the total length of the route network is over 8,000 kilometres. The national routes have been marked in the Touring GT and Cycling GT maps as well as in the Fillariopas cycling guides. In the terrain, the routes have been signposted with brown signs and route numbers. Route signposting will undergo renovation in 2013–2014.

Regional routes are primarily maintained by the municipalities. The level of route signposting varies. Some regional routes are hiking routes that are better suited for a touring or mountain bike.